Unlock the genius
inside of you.

This life-changing course will forever change the way you use your brain. 

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Unlock the genius
inside of you.

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A 5 Star Premium Course.

"Every minute is eye opening, thought out, and just plain wicked entertaining!"

Eli Metz

Lawrence, NY

"A true eye-opener into the world of our brains.
Oh, and these methods actually work...try it!"

Duvie Franken

Lakewood, NJ

"This course is truly engaging. I had to hold myself back from moving ahead!"

Shlomo Zalman Resnick

Monsey, NY

"Our brains
are not
the same."

Modern tech is rotting our brains at a faster pace than you can imagine. 

We have computers, smart phones, ipads, and Alexas more than ever before. 

But do we feel any happier?


Studies show that Americans are more…

…than ever before.

What does that mean?

It means the more we rely on tech to do everything for us, the more we feel useless and unimportant.

If computers can do it, then who needs me?

can do almost anything that you can do."

But luckily, it turns out that there is one thing that makes a human more special than a computer.

A human has the power to…


A computer can do everything…that it’s told to do.

Only humans can take a step beyond the programming and design something that was never possible before.

Creativity and innovation is what it means to be a human being.

The second we give those up is the second we lose our purpose in life.

We cannot give up the only tool that makes us human!

can do almost
anything that you can do"

"Only a human brain can truly create."

When it comes to brain efficiency, the biggest problem we have is that we try to store information in our brains much like a computer.

But that’s exactly the problem!

Our brains are not meant to store things!

Our brains are meant to create.

When you use the brain in a way that is not meant for it to be used, the brain becomes annoyed and disinterested and does its best to forget that information!

Our brains are really capable of so much more. 

We just don’t use them properly!

Start living the life of your dreams!

3x Better Brain is an elite online masterclass that will teach you how to live a life that matters.

We will train you how to stop using your brain to store information and to start using it to create with that information

We will teach you how to take any old, boring piece of information and create something new and exciting with it.

Instead of being involved in the art of memory, you will begin to get involved in the art of creativity.

You will take any OLD piece of information and create something NEW with it.

Your brain will light up and become extremely excited about your new creation. 

And when your brain gets excited, you’ll end up remembering that information for 3-10x longer. 

You will learn the true way to an effective memory.

The way that all of the world’s leading memory experts are using themselves.

 But even more importantly…

You will become a master at creativity.

Are you ready for a 3x Better Brain upgrade?


Nice to meet you.

Akiva Balsam.

And guess what?… 

You couldn’t have gotten any luckier.

He’s the best of the best.

Endless Energy





All mixed together in one machine.

His life’s mission is to be a world-class educator and provide life-changing education to as many people as possible.

Oh yes, you will!

I don’t care what age you are…

Or how old or young you are…

You are going to have an absolute blast together!

Trust me!

He’s a ton of fun and has an amazing knack for explaining the most complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms.

Akiva loves using charts, animations and real life stories to make it easier for you to understand what he’s trying to get accross.

You’ll be having such a great time that time will seem to fly by.

You may even forget that your taking an educational course altogether!πŸ˜‚

Akiva Balsam has been an outstanding educator for the past 10 years.

He currently works in the Mesivta of Waterbury as a Rebbe, teacher and life coach.

Akiva is well known for his extremely successful 3-day Limitless Seminar which has changed the lives of hundreds of participants over the years.

In the summers he runs an extreme transformational programs for teens and young adults.

They go on the wildest growth experience of their lives to places like Alaska and South Africa.

Learn how to memorize any 20 words on the spot!

" I cannot believe I was able to do this! "

Avi Berger

Moshe Glazer

This course will help
you with everything...

3x Creativity

3x Memory

3x Productivity

It makes no difference what level you’re at.

Dumb or smart.

We will 3x your brain power!

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  • Drawn out and boring.
  • Smart guys, poor delivery.

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We get these questions a lot.

We get these questions a lot.

Here's our answers...

It’s a 10 day course. Each day you will be given access to an average of 30-60 minutes of top notch video content.

Absolutely! We guarantee you access for one full year! (Past that just shoot us an email- it shouldn’t be a problem).

Anyone and everyone! Men, women, even kids! Ages 12-120. It doesn’t matter how smart or how dumb you are. These techniques are universal and will help you wherever you’re at.  

I guarantee you that you will! And if for whatever reason you don’t…no need to worry just email us at akivabalsam@gmail.com and we’ll refund you as long as it’s within 30 days.

If you have any questions...

Please email us at akivabalsam@3xbetterbrain.com

"The One Secret"

This entire Masterclass is based upon.

Free Intro Class!

I would love to reveal to you the one secret that this entire Masterclass is based upon! Please provide me with your emal address so I can send it over to you immediately!